Review of!!! Guest Post by Alexandra Kayy

Review of!!! Guest Post by Alexandra Kayy

Review of!!! Guest Post by Alexandra Kayy

Lets visit…

Not long ago, I started my journey with Let me say, I was a little skeptical with a shoe-membership, but hey, it’s shoes, so I tried it anyway! For my first purchase I found the PERFECT gladiator sandal, and a pair of black wedges. My package arrived in a brown box. Which to be honest, I found a little boring! However, when I opened the box I found two super cute pink boxes with my purchases inside!

How it works:

When you sign up you’re called a “VIP.” You take a style quiz, and they show you some fun items based on your answers! What did I do? Browse on my own and fill up my wishlist! (which is perfect for those who love to imaginary-cart-shop) Then when you’re ready to order they give you free shipping off orders over $39 in the US (Which is also easy since everything is almost $40 anyway!) A special link for you to try:

What I bought:

gladiator sandal Gladiator Sandal “Octavia”– Fit well considering I have larger calves! Great shoe.

black wedgeBlack Wedge “Tarrin”– STAPLE piece, for sure! A must-have in everyone’s closet. They’re very comfy too!

black sandalBlack Twin Sandal “Raych”- Uncomfortable, but perfect for looking at in your closet (where mine has remained). It has no support, making it impossible to enjoy.

black dressBlack “Perf” Bodycon Dress- SO cute, but the size was way off! I was so disappointed. I ordered a Large, and it fit my mother who wears a Small. Guess who got a new dress?


You can browse according to what’s in stock in your size selections. You can also earn credits redeemable for fun little goodies. Some shoe styles remind you of higher-end merchandise, at a lower price!


Monthly automatic charge, but redeemable whenever you choose to buy something. Sizing in clothing is smaller than average. Some shoes are better for just looking at than wearing.

My rating:

I’m giving a 3 out of 5 stars. Sometimes I can’t really remember to “skip”a month, the website has some issues submitting reviews and edit to profile, and the good deals aren’t that often.

About Ms. Alexandra Kayy

A mom of 3, shopping connoisseur, helping you find the deals you need!

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