Mother’s Day Present Bedroom makeover!!!

Mother’s Day Present Bedroom makeover!!!

Mother’s Day Present Bedroom makeover!!!

My mom has never really gone full out and decorated her room. I don’t blame her, it was probably the last thing on her mind with everything else going on with her kids. So, for mother’s day, I decided to redesign her room, and got my sister’s to help pitch in and pay for it! lol.

These pics aren’t professional; I haven’t had a chance to get over there and take photos in daylight. But, I’ve decided to just share anyways for now, and then when I am able to take better photos, switch them out later.

As you can see the before was pink carpet, plain walls, and a chair that I’m pretty sure was from the 70’s. I wanted my mom’s room to feel relaxing, and there’s no better color to do that than gray. We accented with a nice eggplant purple color. The headboard is made out of foam, wallpaper, and wood trim. It’s a really cheap and cute way to make a customized headboard. There’s thousands of wallpaper designs, so really the sky is the limit! The lamps on the wall are my favorite. It gives the wall some type of design feature, and it leaves space on her side tables.

Hope you like this makeover, my mom loved it!








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  • Denise
    3 years ago

    I do love it !! ❤️My children are such a blessing. A Mother’s Day to remember.

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